Tarot card reading has been very old discipline – it started somewhere in the 15th century in Europe. It is important to say that there are several types of card decks: French, German, Italian and so on. Each deck is unique and interpreted in different way, although the essence is basically the same. Some sources say that the whole idea of tarot came from the Ancient Egypt – but there is a lack of concrete evidence to confirm this. For this article we picked one particular car, which meaning will be explained briefly.

The Hanged Man tarot card is a strange one. Some say he represents a traitor, who were traditionally hung upside down. Some say he represents the baby at birth, for they too turn upside down in the womb. Some say he represents a sacrifice who has given his life for a cause. The truth is that the Hanged Man tarot card means all of these things.

This card represents seeing things from a new perspective and gaining insight as a result. The trials and tribulations the Hanged Man has endured indicate that this path to your enlightenment might not be easy, and this new found knowledge may require some personal sacrifice to obtain. However, once you have gained it, you will never be the same again.

This card – drawn as an instant one card tarot reading –  is about suspension, whether that is a suspension of your senses, a suspension of your beliefs or even a suspension of the way you look at the world. Be not afraid to readjust yourself and get ready to be born anew.major-arcana-small

Reversed Meaning Of The Hanged Man Tarot Card
Xii-the-hanged-man-seven-tarot-cards-from-different-packsWhen the Hanged Man tarot card appears reversed it can indicate that there may be an unwillingness to make a sacrifice or to see things from a fresh point of view. You may be reluctant to walk a path that you know is unlikely to be smooth and hold back the effort that must be made to make a meaningful change in your life.

You may also be holding on to beliefs or ideas that you know need to change, but you do not want to let them go. Here the Hanged Man tarot card might be indicating that you need to release your ego and turn your life on its head.

What message will the Hanged Man tarot card have for you? If you want to find the best and the most accurate answer, it is best to consult some experienced tarot card reader who has a long-time experience. You can find a lot of tutorials and information all around the Internet, but still it is strongly recommended to hire a professional tarot card reader in order to achieve the best possible results.